3 Finger utility, ebony and copper


EDC, spay point utility crafted from Idaho lumber mill saw steel, reground,  oil heat treated, tempered and etched. A really nice everyday carry blade, not to big, the handle fits the 1st three fingers of a mans hand. ( Buckskin pouch not included, see Porcupine Quill Art in Favorite Artisans)

  • Over all length is 6 inches, cutting edge is 2.75 inches.  A little file work on the spine.
  • Handle is gorgeous Macassar ebony with textured copper.  Genuine braided horsehair “pull”.
  • Heavy leather sheath is wet molded for a snug fit.
  • Sharpening strop is included. Works great and fast on a convex ground blade, see the “Knife Care” page for sharpening instructions.
  • $450


Keywords:  cleaver, EDC, carbon steel, not Damascus, hammered, recycled tool steel, heirloom, hand me down, three finger custom knife, Maine, Canada, Illinois, Mohican, Dogmen, Revenant

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