Mountain Man/Women neck knife, mammoth ivory


From my shop in the mountains of North Idaho. One of my favorite pieces to make. Sheath is genuine deer rawhide overwrapped leather with brain tan deer skin, wood smoke aroma comes from the tanning process. Copper and glass trade beads adorn the fringe. … a very nice wearable knife.

  • Blade is crafted from lumber mill saw steel (8670 tool steel) 3/16th inch thick. Over all length is 5.25 in. Cutting edge is 2- 5/8 inches. Tapered tang with file work.  My touchmark is on the blade.
  • Handle is mammoth ivory with raised and peened copper pins.
  • Genuine black bear claw at the center of the sheath.
  • Cord is braided deer lace
  • $850

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