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Dear Cary, I wanted to send you a short  note and commend  you on the quality of your knives. I have been in the Big game Outfitting Business for 30 plus years and have tried and discarded many kinds of different knives, both  handmade and mass produced. I can proudly and happily  say  no maker compares to yours for usability, handling , edge construction and just all around good workability. My  favorite knife is the “ Top Drawer Hunter/Skinner” with the canvas micarta handle. The handle is unique in that when it becomes soiled with blood or water it continues to be able to grip. My sons, who guide for me,  love the smaller “Utility /Hunter” with the canvas micarta handle.

I can not brag enough about the way they hold an edge. Most knives require several sharpening to complete the task of skinning and dressing an elk.  I have had the pleasure of doing an entire elk  without sharpening  and an entire  moose without sharpening. Great job on the knives and thanks again.

Bat Masterson
Coeur d ’Alene Outfitters LLC
N.25201 McCoy Road
Athol, ID   83801

Bat, Idaho

Thank you for making such a functional work of art. My brother-in-law Peter K, just gave me one of your knives and I am enjoying using it. My Dad loves the knife also. We are especially intrigued with convex blades. We’ll watch your website to see if there could be a knife for my Dad.

Regards, Henry S.


I purchased a knife from you this weekend (#10 under your currently available) as a gift and I wanted to let you know how much it was appreciated. Your work is truly beautiful and it was greatly received. Thank You

Kristy P, Green River, WY

Kristy, Wyoming

Hey Cary, I’m really enjoying the (6in. Chefs) knife. It’s still shaving sharp. I use it pretty much everyday. The strop keeps it sharp and it holds the edge for quite a while. I’ve only had to use it a couple of times since I bought the knife. I’m really glad I bought this. Thanks a bunch for making it.

Jay A., Olympia WA

Jay, Washington

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for a great knife . The fit, finish and balance are all excellent. To date I have field dressed one antelope, two deer, one elk, and a buffalo. It has also been used on numerous camp chores and fishing trips. It holds an edge very well and I would recommend your knives to anyone looking for an outstanding all around tool. Thanks again.

Good luck and long life
Joe Dropulich, Idaho

Joe, Idaho

Hi Cary, I hope your wife enjoys our book. Please use our endorsement of your knives on your website and anywhere else you choose. Also, I hope you like the photo on page 94. That was taken in my kitchen with the favorite knife in my vast personal collection,

Note: Eric sent me a copy of their recent published cookbook, “Bromberg Bros. BLUE RIBBON COOKBOOK” a wonderful color cookbook of their most-loved dishes.

Eric, New York

Cary, Thanks For Making Fabulous Knives!

Bruce and Eric Bromberg
Blue Ribbon Restaurants, New York

Eric, New York

Mr. Thomas, I am so happy with my knife. I am interested in your knife number 11. Can you contact me concerning the knife? Thank you.

Kurt N.
Wenatchee, WA

Kurt, Washington

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know I love the knife you made me. I was taught at a young age the value of quality tools, your knives are definitely part of that category. There are a lot of mass produced tools out there, including knives. I have found that whenever I have compromised in the area of quality in order to save a few bucks I have quickly regretted it. Using quality tools not only make the task easier but also much more enjoyable.

I took a backpacking trip recently with my boys, we hiked into the staircase area of the Olympic National Park. I brought along your knife and put it to use for the first time. I used it for some fairly heavy work as well as fine carving, it worked great for everything I needed it for. Its a good knife for all around use and because of the design of the handle it feels great in the hand even after hours of use. I have since taken it on several other trips and am very pleased with how it functions. The blade is a great thickness and weight, and the edge has been amazing! I can’t believe how well it takes and holds an edge.

Thanks again for a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I am looking forward to many years of use, and to someday passing it along to one of my boys.

Luke P.
Gig Harbor, WA

Luke, Washington

Hi Cary, I just wanted to tell you that the kitchen knife is absolutely awesome! I LOVE the leather sleeve as well. My anniversary is Wed. and I just can’t wait to give it to my husband . Thanks so much!

Adrienne G.
Harmony , PA

Adrienne, Pennsylvania
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