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Cary, I hope all is well . We’re all loving the knifes. My buddy we shipped the elk handle Damascus to was floored. He’s torn between carrying it everyday and hanging it up.

Brandon H., Houston, TX

Brandon, Texas

I purchased my first C Thomas Knives Chef’s knife a couple years ago. It is the best knife in our kitchen. We have several very expensive Japanese knifes that we are used to using. The other day, I was cutting some fat out of a steak when I switched to my CTKnives knife and the difference was amazing. Last week I purchased my 2nd Chef knife to take to our condo in Phoenix where we spend winters.

Richard H.

Richard, Arizona

C, I threw the sheath on and wore the new blade to work today. AWESOME craftsmanship! I love the feel and the edge carbon is phenomenal, I couldn’t be happier and will be ordering another down the road. Thanks so much!


Lexington, Ohio

Rob, Ohio

Will you be showing at this years Silverton Oktoberfest? I love the knife that I bought last year! Thanks,

Sue B
Portland, OR

Sue, Oregon

Cary, My father loves the knife. Thanks for your help in getting it here by Christmas. Happy holidays!

Scott E.,
Issaquah, WA

Scott, Washington

Hi there, I purchased one of your knives last year and want to get another. I like #11 and if it’s available I can send you a check . Please let me know, thanks.

Kurtis R
Post Fall, ID

Kurtis, Idaho

Cary, It arrived in great shape…what a beautiful knife. Thanks for the smooth transaction. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Kerstin, Washington

Cary, I received my knife from you this afternoon, August 7th. It’ great! I’ll be sure to check your website periodically for other new knives.

Kindest Regards,
Robert P., Spokane, WA

Robert, Washington

I received my knife FANTASTIC
I own —— out of Arkansas/ a ———— from Ohio and a very good
—- knife and none would hold a candle.
My son and I got the biggest kick shaving off the hair on our arms.
Sharp as a surgical scalpel. I will be back to buy again.
Thank You, Mark H.
Cleveland, OH.

Mark, Ohio

Hi Cary-
I bought a beautiful ebony handle chef’s knife from you this past fall at the Festival. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE it! I use it everyday, for just about everything that I do in the kitchen. I show it off to anyone who comes into my kitchen as well. It cuts with ease and feels wonderful in my hand. I’ve never had a knife that I like more. I cook everyday and so spend a lot of time in the kitchen and appreciate having excellent tools to work with. Thank you so much for the beautiful and incredibly well crafted knife.
Best regards,
Laurie McKenzie

Laurie, Washington
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