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It is an excellent and beautifully designed knife. The angle and feel of the handle is very good and I like the rocker of blade.
I expect to be using it a lot in the near future and will know more.
If you have any other kitchen knife styles, either now or in the future, let me know.
Executive Chef /Owner

Bruce, California

Hey Cary – It took some getting used to! But now that I have gotten used to using it I really like it. I love pulling it out of the beautiful leather sheath(makes me feel like a cowgirl chef!) and getting to work on a good hearty soup. I would like to have you make me a smaller version in the future.
Now my most used tool is a work of art and that makes me a better chef!Thanks,

Beth, Minnesota

A recent message left on my phone;
I am just calling to tell you how much I am enjoying the knife, it is just a pleasure to use, thankyou so very much, have a good one, bye.
Karole R.
Keywest, Fl.

Karole, Florida

Hi Cary,
We wanted to tell you how amazing the knife we bought is. It gets used daily and was truly worth the investment! We truly appreciate your commitment to excellence. P.S. The portable strop works great too.
Wayne and Suzy
Rathdrum, ID.

Wayne and Suzy, Idaho

Besides being great looking, it’s definitely the sharpest knife I’ve ever owned and has kept it’s edge. Many thanks for the excellent craftsmanship!

Rocky B.
Vancouver, WA.

Rocky, Washington

Hi Cary
I bought my first knife from you through the Esty website about four years ago, the Drop Point Hunter with the Purple Heart handle. It is very well made in all aspects of a handmade knife. It holds an edge extremely well, and is very comfortable in the hand while being used for long periods of time. I have used it on sixteen Deer, two Steers, and one Cow since buying the knife and love it, so those are just a couple of reasons why I wish to purchase many more of the knives you make…….
Marshall B. N. Stonington, Ct.

Marshall, Connecticut

I spent a good deal of time searching for a bowie that wasn’t cheap or really expensive. After thoroughly looking over my knife I found no flaws. Cary’s knives are not merely something to look at. They are made to use all over God’s green earth. From the woods, to the sea, to the mountains. Excellent simply excellent.

Derrick F.
Kingwood, TX.

Derrick, Texas


it’s here…..and gone! She told me a lot of complimentary things to tell you, but I said I couldn’t remember them all. So she said, “tell him I love it.”
Everything – down to the fit, was like you were working with her. Can’t thank you enough.
I’m amazed.
Dave S.

Dave, Florida

Hi Cary,

The knife arrived yesterday. It’s absolutely stunning. Might have to order another for myself around Christmas time…. 😉
Thanks, Jeff.
County Louth, Ireland

Jeff, Ireland

By the way, when I dressed my Antelope I used your knife. It went through the breastplate of that goat like BUTTER! Awesome awesome knife. Look forward to getting many more….

Thanks, Andrew S.
New Kensington, PA

Andrew, Pennsylvania
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