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Good morning Cary,
Received knife last night and “in hand” truly exceeded my expectations. Your presentation with function, quality, design and craftsmanship is “Superior”!
Not to discredit the neck sheath, which is an absolute beautiful work of art in itself, the additional sheath is absolutely perfect, fits/protects the knife, fits in my pocket comfortably, and has a very sophisticated aged patina look that compliments the entire package-love it-
It was easy and great working with you for my order-Greatly Appreciated-
Hope to talk soon-I have been eying one of your kitchen knives (I do all the cooking at home-wife loves it and agrees she is spoiled-all good in my book).
Thanks again–R.I. Calif.
PS-The knife sharping strop is an excellent idea and bonus feature-I will have to check out your video and give it a go….Thx

R.I., California

Hi Cary,
I got to use the Do All Camp Knife I purchased from you in summer of 2016.
I took a very large 6×4 Mule deer east of McCall on the deer season opening day, field dressed, and skinned the animal before the blade needed any attention. Fantastic blade! I have had more then a few comments from friends about the blade and what it can be used for.
Thanks again!

Larry, Idaho

I got that beautiful,cool,great,wonderful,unique,fine knife today.  Wearing it now.  Really good craftsmanship.  I thank you for you top notch work and helping me with decisions along the way and being easy to work with.  You are the man!!!
Ferriday, Louisiana

Brent, Louisiana

Cary once again you’ve outdone yourself! Such a great piece of art, especially that handle! The wood is exquisite. Thank you again for such great work.
C. A.
Newport Beach, CA.

C.A., California

Brittany’s Hunt

Hello, I wanted to write you a personal note on how well your knives work. I work for an Idaho-based gun manufacturer and this fall 2 of our sponsored shooters purchased a knife from you for me to take hunting. I ended up shooting a 6 pt. bull up by Stanley with a 6.5 Creedmoor that is made in Idaho here at PWS and skinned it using the knife you made. It was AMAZING. I love a good knife, so my hunting knives are well taken care of and are good quality, but I was completely shocked at how well my CT knife worked. It outlasted my other knives by at least 3 times the amount of cutting. Thank you for making such an outstanding product! I am so so happy with my knife and it’s awesome that it’s made here in Idaho. Please email me as I’d love to share photos of my elk with your knife on it. Thank you!!

Brittany, Idaho

Hi Cary,

Sooo sorry I have been meaning to send you an email.

I did receive the knife pretty quickly and it is a work of art! I absolutely love it.

I was pleasantly suprised when it turned up because it looked even better than the photos and is a dream to work with in the kitchen. My wife has taken a fancy to it and uses it all the time now.

We recently made some cocktails for our Australia day party and she chopped through four watermelons and some mangoes in no time, so she has claimed it now as well.

What I am especially thrilled about is owning a one of a kind piece that looks amazing (I still cant believe I managed to get hold of it after seeing it on Pintrest). The thought of how much work went into it and the fact it is a conversation piece whenever we have people over means I will treasure this knife for a lifetime.

Thanks again for updating me as it was delivered and I mean it sincerely when I say that I was blown away with this knife.

Regards, Scott
Queensland, Australia

Scott, Australia

Cary, I got the knife this afternoon. This is an outstanding work of art, the sheath adds to its beauty. Many thanks,

Beavercreek, OR

N.K., Oregon

Dear Cary

I wanted to thank you sincerely for my brother-in-law’s knife. He got it today and he is completely gaga about it. Being a particularly picky kind of guy, he was bowled over by the finish and the detail, not to mention the fact that he has never owned a proper knife. Thank you again and a very merry Christmas to you and your family.



John, Connecticut

Cary’s knives are by far the best artisan crafted blades that I own. Each piece is functional in it’s design, and so beautiful in their lines and materials. Some of my CT Knives get pretty heavy use and abuse, and other’s are such fine show pieces that I love to keep them pristine and show them off to knife enthusiasts.

Chad Von LindCraft & LoreCoeur d'Alene Idaho
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