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Fancy drop point hunter, dark maple and turquoise

Fancy drop point hunter, dark maple and turquoise

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From my shop in the mountains of North Idaho: Crafted from recycled 3/16th inch thick circular saw steel from a defunct Idaho wood mill. Reground, oil heat treated, tempered and custom etched makes for a nice looking hunting  blade. A nice piece of stabilized figured dark maple with reconstituted turquoise and darkened copper fittings and linings along the handle.
  • Over all length is 8.25 inches.  Cutting edge is a bit over 3.5 inches.
  • Custom fit, hand sewn and tooled heavy leather horizontal sheath, Concealable under a long shirt.
  • Convex ground edge is easy to sharpen with the strop provided.   See the "Knife Care" page.

Keywords: hunting knife, L6, tool steel, elk, deer, moose, bear, regulations, f, tag, guide, backpacker, Alaska, 1084, utility, Utah, carbon steel, gallery, custom, knives, Safari Club
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