Custom knife maker specializing in sporting, utility, period and kitchen knives.

From the mountains of North Idaho. Saw steel is recycled from the local wood mills and reborn. Blades are forged, shaped, reground and heat treated, handles are fitted and a custom leather sheath is made.

All processes are done by myself in my home/shop. Sometimes called “works of art”, I like to say “user friendly art”, as they are made to be used, not just admired. Handcrafted knives make great family heirlooms or gifts for that business colleague that has everything. A pleasure to use, real knives that hold an edge and are easy to sharpen. Sharpening strop is included with most knife purchases.

My Knives

C Thomas Knives My knives are my own design and are intended to be used for that which they are made. I stand behind my work as long as it is not abused. Contact me today. My mission is to make an original knife that looks good and performs great at a reasonable price. More →

My Process

About C Thomas Knives Process“Blessed is the man that finds enjoyment in his toil”. Crafted from high carbon steels by stock removal and forging. Most thinner blades are reground from 8670 or 15N20, thicker blades from 80Crv2 ( all similar to L6 tool steel).  Most industrial saw steel steel is recycled from the wood mills of North Idaho, originally imported from Sweden and Germany.

Forged blades are from 01, L2, 8670, 5160 tool or spring steels or a combination thereof for Damascus.    More →

Available Custom Knives