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Big Custom Camp knife, elk antler

Big Custom Camp knife, elk antler

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From my shop in the mountains of North Idaho. A big custom spear point camp knife. Recycled from an old 3 ft lumber mill circular saw, 3/16th thick, heavy chopping, battoning, this large camp knife will get the job done.
  • Over all length is  14 inches, blade length is 9 inches, unsharpened top edge, 8670 carbon tool steel.
  • Handle is Idaho elk antler with brass fittings, brain tanned buckskin and trade beads.
  • Custom fit and hand tooled leather sheath holds the knife securely even upside down.

Keywords:  carbon tool steel, easy to sharpen, elk camp, walkabout, target,  guide, Connecticut, New Hampshire, woodsman, backwoods, hike, cowboy, native, custom sheath
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