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Custom 7.5 inch chefs knife, cottonwood burl

Custom 7.5 inch chefs knife, cottonwood burl

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A pleasure to use. As a past restaurant owner, I know how important it is to have a tool that makes daily chores easier. Crafted from 8670 carbon tool steel ( large lumber mill circular saw )
  • A fine edge, great for slicing and dicing vegetables and meat.
  • Convex edge. Blade is ground with a slight belly to roll from tip to heel with slight bend of the wrist.
  • Crafted from industrial saw blade steel, very similar to our mom’s dark colored carbon steel knives that always worked so well.
  • Previous customers say this knife and the camp/chef becomes their favorite most used knife in the kitchen. You can spend less on a Henckels or Wusthof but this knife will feel better in your hand and be much easier to keep sharp. A couple passes on the strop every week or so, takes about 10 seconds to keep it hair shaving sharp. See my sharpening instructions here. The sharpening strop comes with the knife.
  • The wood is stabilized cottonwood burl with black liners and copper pins.  Over all length 12 inches.    Cutting edge is 7.5  inches.
  • My touchmark is on the blade

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