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Custom filet/fishing knife, figured maple

Custom filet/fishing knife, figured maple

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Crafted from a 12 inch double cut band saw from a now defunct Coeur D ‘Alene lumber mill. Reground, oil heat treated and oven tempered for excellant sharpness and good edge holding ability.

•Over all length is 11.75 inches, blade is just under 6.75 inches. The handle material is stabilized figured maple, copper fittings with black liners.

•Semi-flexible blade.

•Custom fit and tooled leather sheath. Kydex lined

•Sharpening strop included

Keywords: fishing, lake, pike, trout, halibut, salmon, walleye, bass, ce carbon steel, handcrafted, river, fly fishing, Michigan,  Great Lakes, Coeur D Alene, Canada,15N20

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