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Custom Head/Leather knife, African rosewood

Custom Head/Leather knife, African rosewood

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A copy of my daily user in the shop. I made my 1st one years ago because I really wasn't keen using the normal symmetrical head blades, especially with heavier leather.
  •  Contoured to fit your hand , you will find this one has more control and is easier to use because of the extra leverage with the bottom of your hand closer to the table. The top point works great for hard to clip inside corners, the bottom point is also sharpened on the opposite side for a quick cut on outside corners.
  • If you cut fringe on light leather or brain tan buckskin this thing is a dream, quick and precise.
  • Recycled from a large band saw from an Idaho lumber mill ( 15N20 steel) with  textured African rosewood and copper rivets and brass pins.

Keywords: leather worker, round knife, shop tools, boots, belt, strap, cg harness, Tandy, razor, Herman Oaks, Wickett and Craig, Horween, sewing machine
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