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Do All Camp Knife

Do All Camp Knife

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Made for the camp or walkabout. Not to big, easy to carry.  Batton your kindling, skin your game and prepare your meal and your ready to go.  Deep bellied blade allows you to use as a chefs knife by not hitting your knuckles when slicing.
  • Flat to convex ground blade is crafted from 3/16th thick 8670 tool steel, tough steel that holds a great edge.
  • Over all length is just under 10 inches, cutting edge is 5 inches,  a little more than 1.75 inches deep at the rear.
  • Butt end is extra hardened to the throw lots of sparks when using a ferro rod.
  • Contoured micarta  is grippy when wet.
  • Wet molded heavy leather sheath can be carried front or back and holds the blade securely without snaps.
  • Includes lanyard and sharpening strop.  See how to sharpen on my "Knife Care"page on how to keep a razor edge.

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