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Guardless drop point hunter, spalted birch

Guardless drop point hunter, spalted birch

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From my shop in the mountains of North Idaho,  a really good fit in the hand, this one is without the soldered finger guard. A no nonsense hunter that works great on large game and looks great too.
  • Over all length is 8 inches, cutting edge 3.5 inches. Steel is 8670 carbon tool steel 1/8 inch thick.
  • Handle is stabilized spalted birch with black liners and copper fittings.
  • Vertical heavy leather sheath is wet molded and hand sewn, knife stays put.
  • Easy to sharpen with the strop that is included with the knife, no need to buy the angled rods or a Lansky sharpener,  see the sharpening section on my " Knife Care" page.

Keywords: carbon steel, stropping, 8670, elk, deer, moose, bear, pig, guide, outfitter, wilderness, outback, mountains, trek, safari, skinning, dressing, Canada, Rockies, Meat Eater
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