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Large game hunter, redwood burl

Large game hunter, redwood burl

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From my shop in the mountains of North Idaho, lumber mill saw steel is reborn. Oil heat treated, tempered and etched. Razor sharp and fits the hand really well.
  • Big game hunting/skinning knife.  Crafted from 1/8th  thick 8670 tool steel, similar to L6.  Convex ground.
  • Handle is stabilized redwood burl with red liners and copper pins.
  • Over all length is 8.5 inches, cutting edge is 4 inches.
  • Custom tooled  leather sheath.
  • Most hunters report  one elk dressed before touching up the blade with the strop provided.  Stropping takes about 10 seconds to keep it hair shaving sharp.   I am often asked, will it hold an edge as long as D2 or some of the high end stainless steels ? No way, but, if you take a few seconds to maintain the edge after each use you will always have a very sharp knife.  When the time comes to sharpen the super hard and wear resistant blades will you have the patience, expertise and equipment to bring the edge back to scary sharp ?  Can you bring the edge back on a stone or lansky or the rods in the field ?

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