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Walkabout knife, canvas micarta

Walkabout knife, canvas micarta

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Completely handmade from recycled lumber mill circular saw tool steel 3/16 thick.  8670 carbon tool steel.  Reground, oil heat treated, tempered and darkened . Hardness 59-60rc
  • This one is lighter than my regular 5/16th thick walkabout knife.
  • Handle is canvas micarta with copper fittings.
  • Custom fit and hand tooled leather sheath
  • Over all length is 13.75 inches, spearpoint blade is a little more than 8.5 inches from handle to tip.  Cutting edge is 7.5
  • Includes sharpening strop it’s all you need, just a couple minutes to keep it hair shaving sharp.

Keywords: survival, camping, bushcrafting, protection, fighting, bowie, hiking, trails, idaho, mountains, compass, spear

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